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Francesco Federico Mancini signs this publication on the Nobile Collegio del Cambio, rigorous but aimed at a non-specialist readership, which offers, in addition to a new encounter with the "egregius pictor" on the fifth centenary of his death, the most complete historical-artistic reconstruction of a Renaissance treasure of fundamental importance: the birth and historical functions of the Institution; the Statutes and Matriculae; the transformations of the seat over the centuries; the creation of the wooden furnishings and frescoes by Perugino in the Sala dell'Udienza and by Giannicola di Paolo in the Chapel of San Giovanni. The volume, embellished with an excellent set of photographs, is proposed as the most complete tool for getting to know and delve into this extraordinary chapter of Italian and international art history.

Autore: Francesco Federico Mancini
Editore: Aguaplano              
Anno: 2023                
ISBN: 9791280662194
Pagine: 112
Rilegatura: brossura

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